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    138 cm
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  • Namn:
    Litfari frá Hjörsey 2
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Lítfari is a real rarity - Bay dun roan tobiano!
Worldwide there are only 15 more horses registeredwith this very rare color.

Litfari is a friendly, well-behaved gelding who shows tölt and trot with medium leglift running free.
Right now, Litfari it in the mountains of Akureyri to train his social skills and agility. He can be exported in October.
Last October he was with me in the stable for a few days and amazed with his character. Confident, friendly and always polite. One would never guess that he was untrained, when I first brushed and walked with him! Litfari is simple, easy and fun to deal with :)

We captured a few moments on camera and can be seen in the video.
Anyone looking for a visual eye-catcher has found it with Litari.
It is located in northern Iceland and can be exported directly. I am happy to help with the export.
Size: unmeasured / tall for his age.

Video with summer footage fome 2021 & Oktober 2021:
If you have any questions, just contact me. :) I have many more photos and videos.

IS2020136857 - Litfari frá Hjörsey 2
F: Snillingur frá Álftárós
FF: Bjálmi frá Bjálmholti
FM: Drottning frá Miðskógi
M: Hatta frá Hjörsey 2
MF: Árdagur frá Álftárós - R: 7.71 shown 4-gaited

Info about export:

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