all around mare for all riding

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  • Inriktning:
    Working Equitation, Western, Hoppning, Dressyr, Allround
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  • Mankhöjd:
    148 cm
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  • Namn:

Here we have a special looking horse, very cute!
She is a grey appaloosa type, about 145-150cm.
Hippy is 4 years old. She has been started in english riding and she can do western, outdoor, others as well.
She is a fun horse, happy and curious. She likes the contact, she is easy to work around and learns fast.
She is in demand to do something and learn your way.
She will fit most riding places. We would like to find a place where she will have a nice human friend (or many friends😉) to go on rides with her.
Come check Hippy now!

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