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    Övrigt, Hoppning, Dressyr, Avel, Allround
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    American Curly
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    0 cm
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    TCS Pixi’s Vintage Heart
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Meet super beautiful filly Vintage
Her full name is TCS Pixi’s Vintage Heart.
Vintage is a curly horse. Because of her beautiful curly coat she is hypoallergenic ❤️
Vintage is born the 9th of September at my stables. Her mother Pixiebell did such a great job with bringing Vintage to the world.
Vintage is an American Curly and will be around 1.50m fully grown
With her beautiful color she is a real eye catcher
She can leave her mother when she is around 6 months old.
When she leaves she wil be
- chipped
- passport
- dewormed
- registered by the ICHO in America
- DNA tested on parents, color and genes
She will also learn al the basics like:
- walking with you
- brushing
- washing
- going on the trailer
- hoof trims

Sire: Stag Creek Heartdancing
Dam: Pixiebell

Vintage carries just like her sire the KTR25 curly gene

You are more then welcome to meet her at my stables
For more information send me a message 😃👍

The price for Vintage is 55.000 sek (incl. Moms)

The mother Pixiebell is also for sale.
So there is also a possibility that they leave together
Pixi is a 17 year old pinto mare. 1.50 m high
Very sweet. She is also ridden. Because of a leg injury 1.5 years ago she can not jump anymore. She is fully healed and will be perfect to ride. It doesn’t matter if you don’t ride her for a few weeks, just saddle her up and go for a ride. Videos and Pictures are available. Pixi can also do tricks like lifting her feet on command and give kisses
Pixi is a perfect mom and delivered her foal vintage so easy.
Pixi is dewormed, vaccinated, registered in Sweden, chipped, passport

Price for Pixi is 15.000 sek (incl moms)
Both together Pixi and vintage 60.000 sek (incl moms)

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