Apartment/house and a box for horse

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We are looking for an apartment or small house with possibility to have a horse in the same yard or in the vicinity.
We are a Finnish-Polish couple, we both are veterinarians, I am specialized into horse teeth and I work half of my time in Finland, half I spend in Uppsala. Magdalena is working as radiologist at SLU for a year now and hopefully she will get residency position in the summer and that would mean that we would be four more years here, at least. We are nice couple, tidy and calm. Now we live in Sunnersta, but I would like to bring my horse to Sweden, so he would get more exercise and that is why we are looking for new place for us.
My horse is small 150cm gelding. He likes to be boss in the paddock but he is very shy when we'll go to forest. He is not 100% traffic safe, so would be nice to have some roads without cars. He is just normal pleasure horse, he used to be trotter, but now we just ride him once or twice per week. He is very friendly, stays in all kinds of paddocks, can be with other horses and doesn't have bad habits.

Please let us know if you have anything within reasonable distance from Uppsala and we would love to tell more about us!

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 Uppsala, Uppsala län, Sverige

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