Beautiful and wellbuilt warlander colt

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    Barockt, Dressyr, Avel, Akademiskt, Allround
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    160 cm
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  • Namn:
    Prince Anselm van Ahaso
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Beautiful smokey black warlander colt is looking for his own special person!
Prince Anselm van Ahaso is our 3.rd warlanderfoal and they are getting better with every foal. Anselm has beautiful topline and very powerful hindlegs, so you can do everything with him in future! Anselm is living in a group of 6 horses at the moment and after weaning (if he still continues to live with us) he moves to our group of young stallions. He is very easygoing with everything.

Father: Isalbel lusitano stallion Habil 1128 (162 cm tall)
Mother: Friesian Thiska Melenboer (152 cm tall, f. Jasper 336)

We register all our foals in Warlander Society, so they have the full warlander-status.

Warlanders can be used in dressage, jumping, working equitation, carriage driving, everything you want! They are bold and powerful, but at the same time very loving and sweet horses. They really love their own people.

I am a professional horse trainer living in near Tampere, Finland, and we breed three different breeds of horses: warlanders, Icelandics and standardbred trotters. You are very welcome to ask more about us and Anselm!

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 Tammerfors, Finland

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