Blue eyes, Cremello (not grey), PRE Filly

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    Working Equitation, Sällskap, Hoppning, Dressyr, Akademiskt
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    160 cm
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Spanish horses are magnificent and unique. This is the only breed in the world for which, already in the 16th century, the main criteria for selection was obedience and interaction with humans. The ability to teach and collect was also given great importance. These horses were bred for kings and seniors, for performances in royal rides and for beauty. The working quality of these horses where test by CORIDA where lives of both horse and Rider were depending on harmony of communication and willingness to listen . In modern selection an evaluation of the quality of movements has been added.
And for lovers of unique colours, Spanish breeders work with horses carrying special genes, such as the cremello gene. If a horse has one such gene, then it can be palomino, buckskin, black or gray. If there are two genes, then the horse can only be cremello. Blue-eyed horse with soft cream coat. Like Magical unicorns 🦄 such horse always stands out and is perceived as a creature from fantasyland .
And when in addition to her colour, there is a good exterior and movement, then such horse is perceived as dream. A young dream from which the future owner can create a real masterpiece
The filly is located in Finland, Alavus. More photos and videos are available on request
The price is EUR8800

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 Alavo, Finland

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