Breaking in and building confidence

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    My name is Lisa and I have been living in Sweden for 5 years.
    I have been riding horses since I was 6 years old and I started racing at the age of 13 in the French gallop races. I was a jockey and then a stable manager where my job was to care for the horses and break them in.
    During my 10 years of work in horse racing I had the opportunity to ride very "sanguine" horses, with a strong character but also very sensitive. I have a very strong feeling for sensitive and fearful horses. I know how to give them confidence.
    I can welcome your horse for as long as you want at my place in the norbotten and take care of him according to the work you want to do.
    I live in the forest and have a lot of space to accommodate horses.

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     Vidsel, Norrbottens län, Sverige

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