Buckskin mare needs a new home ASAP

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    Övrigt, Allround, Distans, Dressyr, Hoppning
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    Varmblod (Halvblod)
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    153 cm
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Very sweet, lovely and beautiful mare for sale. I dont want to sell her at all but due to circumstances i have no choice and it breaks my heart.

Well back to our beloved sixty (six). She is a mix from a quarter and arabian and was a champion at endurance riding. Now i just use her for fun and that is fine. She is very calm minded and dont spook so easily, we have a farm with cows as well and she is used to all that noises that you can hear on a farm. Not scared of tractors big trucks, cars, Kids, dogs, cats, cows ect she knows the drill as long as she can trust you.

She is walking barefoot, had 2 foals in her life. Never have been sick.

If there are more questions please send me a message and i will try to answer them all. She needs a home as soon as possible due to circumstances.

Can be coverd if wanted

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