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    Working Equitation, Western, Distans, Allround
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    154 cm
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By customer order:

Cognac is a special horse, which unfortunately did not have the greatest past. That's why he is also sold under value.
He comes from Spain and was unfortunately not treated very well for horses there. Unfortunately you can still see some traces of it and despite that Cognac is a horse that hasn't lost its trust in humans yet.
He does a great job on the ground and he seems to enjoy it. He reacts very well to people and in general he is calm and really sweet.
Under the rider he is a bit insecure. As soon as too much pressure is taken on the bit, he feels uncomfortable and shows this. That is why he is currently working on the loose reins, so that he regains confidence in the bit and notices that it is not as bad as he probably experienced in the past.
We are looking for a person who is patient with him and gives him a lot of love, so that he realizes that it can also be something beautiful to be ridden and work with the person. He is a horse that deserves a friend for life. That's why it is important to leave him in experienced hands.

Video on WhatsApp: +491729256840
Cognac already has a complete purchase examination with clean x-rays.

Location: Karlsruhe, transport can be organized.

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 Valencia, Valencia, Spanien

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