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  • Inriktning:
    Hoppning, Allround
  • Ras:
  • Mankhöjd:
    153 cm
  • Kön:
  • Födelseår:
  • Namn:
    Raudne Rüütel
  • ID-nummer:
  • TDB:
  • Ursprungsland:
  • Dressyrnivå:
    Lätt A
  • Hoppnivå:
    110 cm

For sale 7-year-old Estonian horse Raudne Rüütel. He has only been broken in at 5 years old so he is still a bit green.

He has been training courses up to 100+ at home and now he has started getting familiar with showing. He has competed up to 90cm in showjumping and also been in a dressage show with okay results. Unproblematic and easy to handle in shows. Not yet anywhere near his full capability. Can be hacked alone or with another horse.

Has worked in a riding school at ages 5-6 but not suitable for the quickly changing riders. Quick to learn new things – good and bad – and works best with a familiar rider and enough proper flatwork. Been with us for 2 years.

Nice and well behaved in all situations. Easy to shoe, loads and travels well and is calm in new places. Stands completely still when groomed in the stable. Great social skills with other horses, can be turned out alone or in a bigger pack. Healthy, properly vaccinated and teeth maintained regularly.

Horse lives in Åbo, Finland. More information can be requested from his trainer: +358404834711 and also found on:

Here are a couple videos, more available upon request.
Recent jumping video:



Grooming video from last summer but still behaves the same:

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