Född i Sverige (Halv PRIS)

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55 000 kr

  • Inriktning:
    Western, Hoppning, Dressyr, Avel, Allround
  • Ras:
  • Mankhöjd:
    150 cm
  • Kön:
  • Födelseår:
  • Namn:
    Vali and My-Way

Född i Sverige ! Finns i Halland/ Slöinge.
Vali is a palomino mare from 2010, about 150cm, Quarterhorse type. She was ridden in the past and she needs to be refreshed on that purpose.
She gave birth to that amazing boy, son of Poco Par Olena, excellent Paint Horse stallion, find him on place in Slöinge as well.
My-Way is a buckskin tobiano boy, born the 26th of April. He will become a great all around horse!
Both are insured with Sveland.
My-Way is her first foal and Vali needs a person with knowledge of horses since she is very protective over her baby. She doesn't hurt anyone but can be grumpy with ears back. Once the halter is on her, she is fine and she lets humans around without any problem.
We want to find quickly a new home for both of them, where they will be touched everyday before My-Way becomes too wild.
This is the reason why we drop her price of HALF!
The price is for the pair!
Come meet them now!

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 Slöinge, Hallands län, Sverige

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