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  • Inriktning:
    Dressyr, Allround
  • Ras:
    Varmblod (Halvblod)
  • Mankhöjd:
    155 cm
  • Kön:
  • Födelseår:
  • Namn:

4 year old Latvian gelding for sale - Spartaks. 155cm in withers.
This little horse is really easy to ride and communicate with. He quickly picks up new things and is responsive to the rider. He has soft and comfortable gaits that will make everyone who rides him fall in love with him.
As a 4yo Spartaks still has a lot to learn, but that is not an issue for a rider who knows exactly what he/she wants to ask this horse to do. Step by step this horse could become a great partner for kids or hobby riders and he could be used in riding schools. This horse definitely has a heart of a lion, he well be a great partner in work due to his bravery.
So far Spartaks has been ridden for around 2 weeks and he already has tried trotting some little jumps for the first time, understood the basics of dressage work and gait transitions, got a hand in pole work and has learned patience with a rider on his back.

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