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    Working Equitation, Dressyr, Akademiskt, Barockt, Allround
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    160 cm
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In the customer order:
Grandioso melts away all baroque horse fans. He is an Iberian of the old beat, with a very baroque building, high and beautiful neckandion and an expressive head. His eyes radiate meekness and fire, just as it should be for a real Spanish horse. It has a stable foundation and a great upper line. Then there is his grey fur dress with a light mane. An absolute eye-catcher.
But Grandioso is not only visually convincing, because there is also a true fairy-tale prince inside. He has a super sweet, friendly character. Is open-minded and curious towards humans and animals. He is always good in handling and under the saddle and always pays attention to his rider. So far he has been ridden by a boy in all 3 gears base and much in the terrain. As a result, he is also used to cars, dogs, cyclists, etc. and always keeps his nerve.

A dream horse that is easy to handle even for children and adolescents.

Who gives the dream prince his horse castle?
VideoonWhatsApp: +491729256840
Location: Spain, transport can be organized.

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 Xàtiva, Valencia, Spanien

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