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    Barockt, Dressyr, Allround, Akademiskt, Working Equitation
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    163 cm
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IBERICO embodies his breed perfectly. Visually as well as character-wise. He has an expressive head with an incredibly gentle look. His neck is high and strong, his body is square and baroque. An absolutely typical representative of the Spanish breed. In character he is a dream. Very attached to his human, attentive and faithful. If he has a permanent attachment figure, he would certainly do almost anything for his human. Up to now he has been ridden mainly in cross country, where he shows himself well-behaved and undaunted. On the riding ground he is currently ridden in all 3 gaits, but he shows himself to be a good and fearless rider. He does not show stallion manners with us, although he stands in a mixed stable.
Video via WhatsApp: +491729256840

IBERICO comes with full ANCCE paper and already has a major purchase inspection including x-rays, which can be viewed if there is serious interest.

Location: Spain, transport can be arranged.

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 Valencia, Valencia, Spanien

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