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  • Inriktning:
    Allround, Akademiskt, Barockt, Working Equitation, Dressyr
  • Ras:
  • Mankhöjd:
    165 cm
  • Kön:
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  • Färg:
  • Namn:
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In the sales order:
Licenciado is a breathtakingly beautiful and impressive PRE stallion in a black jacket.
The young stallion comes from the very best posture. The first 3 years of his life he grew up in a herd of young horses in a species-appropriate manner and was accordingly well socialised. Afterwards he was gently broken in. He is very motivated and learns fast. In the meantime he has mastered side passages, traversals, piaffe, passage as well as pirouettes and the Spanish step. He is very easy to ride and tries very hard to do everything right. He also knows cross-country rides and behaves in an exemplary manner.
Licenciado stands in a mixed stable and shows no stallion manners. He is also a true gentleman when it comes to handling and is always easy to handle.
He is Piro free and licensed, of the very best pedigree. So surely also interesting for breeding. But he hasn't mated yet.
Licencario comes with full ANCCE paper.
Location: Spain, transport can be organized worldwide.
Video on WhatsApp: +491729256840

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 Valencia, Valencia, Spanien

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