Looking for a job with horses.

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My name is Silvia and I am 20 years old. I moved to Sweden May 2019.
I am looking for a part time job with horses. I have a Horse and Sport instructor Level 2 but everything leveled on Level 3 from the Netherlands.
I also worked a 6-7 months internship at a International Jumping stable by Juulia Jylas. This is a international finnish rider.
After that I had a year internship and after that 2 year work at a international stable who sells eventing, hunting, equtation and dressage horses to all over the world.
I can groom, clean stables, tack horses, lunge, ride and clip horses. I have experience with stallions and horses of all age.
I am a team player but I can also work on my own.

My main language in Sweden is English but I am working to improve my Swedish.

Thank you and contact me through my e-mail : silvia-pap@outlook.com or send me a text message if you are interested in hiring me.

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