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    27 yrs old from Estonia and now living in Sweden. Been riding most my life. Very passionate about horses and dressage, hard-working and trustworthy. Very eager to learn. Currently do not speak Swedish.
    - Have ridden many different horses of different ages, breeds etc...
    - I have been a home groom for a GP level dressage rider
    - I have been grooming at show jumping competitions
    - Working on the ground with young horses: teaching them to walk by hand, picking hooves, standing still while tied up, introducing the bridle and the saddle, longeing (including double-longeing), loose-jumping etc.
    - Breaking in a few young horses from scratch and giving them the basic knowledge under the rider
    - I have had my own horse some years ago and also have been a co-rider meaning I know what it means to own a horse.
    - A calm rider with a decent seat and especially very stable and sensitive hands.
    To ride more and to gain more/new experience as a rider and a horse-person. Preferably dressage oriented training but does not have to be a fancy dressage horse. Could also be basic flatwork with a jumping horse or developing a young horse. Hoping to find a win-win situation but in case of a well-educated dressage horse would ofc pay, too. Please contact via Hästnet.

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     Mölndal, Västra Götalands län, Sverige

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