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  • Inriktning:
    Allround, Akademiskt, Dressyr, Barockt, Working Equitation
  • Ras:
    Varmblod (Halvblod)
  • Mankhöjd:
    167 cm
  • Kön:
  • Födelseår:
  • Färg:
  • Namn:
  • Ursprungsland:

In the sales order:
Moreno is a special horse. Of course he is an absolute eye-catcher, in his dark coat and long mane and on top of that this faithful and gentle expression in his eyes. But not only optically Moreno looks good, also in character he is a real sweetheart. Currently he shows no stallion manners whatsoever, he can be led and ridden next to mares without any problems. He is a very people-oriented horse that loves daily cuddles. He is very affectionate and a horse that would do anything for HIS PEOPLE. Despite his young age of 4 years he is already very grounded and calm. He observes new situations very calmly until he feels safe and he can be convinced very quickly that everything is fine. He also knows how to deal with dogs and lets children ride him. According to his age he is currently ridden on a basic level. He has to find his balance a little bit more, but he is always very well-behaved and tries to do everything right. He is just learning the Spanish walk. He also rides in front of the carriage and does this very well and calmly. He has been ridden for almost a year, under the saddle he is only a few months. Moreno is a very versatile horse who is suitable for various branches of riding. Certainly also great for shows as he is so calm and learns quickly.
Moreno comes with an equine passport, without proof of pedigree.
Location: Spain, transport can be arranged worldwide.
Video on WhatsApp: +491729256840

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 Valencia, Valencia, Spanien

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