Part bred arab, perlino tobiano hingst! til avlstjeneste

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This handsome man will be available next year!

Our Eros is a beautiful unique part bred arab with the color perlino tobiano.
In the photos you can also see him as a foal.
He was born on 01-06-2018 with the name VHC KHREAMARIOS and can also be found see link.
Currently Eros measures nearly 157.

He is not only very beautiful to see, but also a softy of a stallion, a cuddly chicken, first class, crazy with children and dogs and curious about everything.

With his color it is always a surprise what will come out, so if you want something special, Eros is ready for you!

Due to the fact that Eros is in Norway, it will only go thru artificial insemination/ frozen. But there are plans in the future that you can plan a holiday with your mare and stay in our extra house.

If you want more information or if you have any questions, feel free to send a message.

I see that the pictures here are nit so good so please send me a message for the good ones 😅😊

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