Pretty and charming young gelding with good pedigree

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    138 cm
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    Klettur frá Kommu IS2017165891
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Klettur is a friendly and charming young gelding who likes to be around people. He is has a 5 gaiter predisposition and shows trot, canter and tölt when running free.
Klettur was started up last summer and is currently enjoying his youth in a large herd of horses on big fields.
He can be easily led away from the group, from the front and from the side.
He knows how to walk on the hand horse girth with and without a saddle and got to know the rider's weight inside and outside of the round pen.
Working with him is a lot of fun because he is interested and motivated to do everything right.
Based on the way Klettur has shown himself so far, I can imagine that he will be a great partner and luxury leisure horse and can also be suitable for smaller tournaments.

This video on YouTube pictures him really well.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested and have any further questions.

He is located in the north of Iceland.

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