Safe bombproof mare

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    Övrigt, Dressyr, Hoppning, Avel, Allround
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    160 cm
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  • Dressyrnivå:
    Lätt B
  • Hoppnivå:
    90 cm

" bombproof horse " looking for a new home. Not scared of traffic, machines, cars, bikes etc.

Look at this video first to see how she reacts:
(copy this link)

Early 2016 born mare, around 160-1cm.
Easy to handdle, even kids can take her to walks etc. Stands still while groomed, relaxed and kind in every situation. Absolutely no bad habbits or problems.

Has own motor, but is not hot or difficult to ride. Stops with a normall bit and has quite good breaks. Ridden by kids 9-15, younger kids (5-7) with someone walking next to. Does not buck, rare or do anything stupid, really really safe horse to ride. Can be used in the ridingschool also, no problems with adult beginners etc. Jumps well, in bigger fences can get little exited, jumps also eventing fences without stopping. Hacks out alone or with company, we have used her to lead younger not so safe horses. You can canter as fast as you like and she still has breaks and walks with a long rein.

Been outside with other horses, pasture at summer times. Not a leader mare in group and aggressive horses can pick on her. Needs little more muscles, now living on free hay. Has normal shoes on, vaccionations etc done. Travels alone or with other horses.

More videos :

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 Hyvinge, Finland

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