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Searching for a groom job mainly in Germany but other countries can be of interest.

I am a highly motivated and hard working 30 years old woman.
I have been working as a showroom and stable manager in Sweden, Holland and lately In Germany.

It is important for me to work hard, and I think that work fast but efficiently is the key to bee a good groom. I have experience with really young horses and stallions.
I also been to many international shows so I am comfortable with that. I have experience as a stablemaneger as well, with personal responsibility, vet and blacksmith control, and everyting else that needs to be done to make the stable run smoothly.i can shave good and know how to keep the horses in top conditions.

This is a job I love and is passionate about. And I'm manly looking for a showgroom job with as many international shows as 1possible. But whatever you have, don't hesitate to send me a email, PM or call me at +46738213877

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