Straw pellets and straw granulate

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    What if I can offer an eco-friendly, 100% organic and probably cheaper alternative to daily use product for farming/breeding business. Would it stop you for a second to know more about it?
    You've might already heard or maybe even tried straw pellets or granulate for animal bedding. To this day most horse stables and poultry farms using traditional wood pellets for bedding. Straw pellets/granulate is not only beneficial for the customer but also for our nature. Knowing situation in the world today, many of us would agree, that is way better to cut grass than a tree.

    As for a business is definately not enough for product to be just eco-friendly. That's why we made a little presentation of our product. Please check attached PDF file, where you will find information about straw pellets and granulate advantages, prices and laboratory tests reports.

    If our products had your interest, please don't hesitate and write us back with any question you have.

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