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Banderin is a beautiful PRE gelding with a heart of gold!! He is such a sweetheart and also has the looks beautiful long mane and his beautiful dark brown color.

He is a 13 year old gelding of 1.61m. He has an ANCCE pedigree and Carta.

He is really a down-to-earth good guy! He likes everything nice and pleasant to brush and tinker. He stands neatly in the grooming area with saddle up, brushing and washing. He is easy to grab from the stable / paddock and walks neatly with you.

Under saddle he is also well-behaved and knows the basics, he also neatly gives way and shoulder in. He is definitely not shivering/hot/sensible! You definitely don't have to be Anky for this handsome guy to send him off wonderfully. He really is a sight to behold!

He is completely healthy and free from defects.

In short, a great handsome PRE with a heart of gold!
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 Barneveld, Gelderland, Nederländerna

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