Úrsúla - dream character, great gaits and amazing pedigree

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    137 cm
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    Úrsúla frá Flugumýri
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Úrsúla is a sweet 5-gaited mare with a great pedigree.

She was gently started one month in autumn 2020 and 2.5 months in winter 2021/22.
She is friendly, open-minded and interested in people :) In addition, she shows a great potential in her gaits and walks forward confidently. She is super cool and can be easyl ridden after a ling break even in very windy weather.

Due to her level of training, she is not a beginner's horse. Úrsúla is the right partner for someone who is looking for a new best friend that he would like to train himself - for leisure or tournaments :)

In addition, she is also interesting for breeding with her great pedigree and as a splash gene carrier.

Her mother comes from the same breeding and competed with Úrsúla's owner in the children's class with very good results at tournaments.
Her grandfather is the honorary price winner Galsi frá Sauðárkróki.

As already mentioned, she does not belong to me, but to a family that I am helping with that process.
They trained her lovingly and gently, just like Úrsúla' s mother.

At a glance:
-Born 2016
-Approximately 137 tall (estimated)
-5 gaiter
-Forward thinking
-Spashgen carrier
-Very good pedigree
-Teeth were made in February
-Trained for about 3.5 months (only 2 in the video which has very much info) (3.5. in the video where she is hopped on bareback)
- price : 690.000 isk
- can stay over the summer in Iceland
- can be trained further on request

Get to know her:

(2months trained, pedgree):

(3.5 months trained after 3 weeks of standing and in windy weather):

She can be exported straight away. I am happy to help with that :)

Info about export on my website https://about-your-horse.com/index.php/sales-horses/

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