W19 stallion! Can be gelded

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Beautiful 89,39% Arabian stallion with the special W19gene for sale. (Can be gelded)

The sweetest and calmest stallion ever! He does everything you ask of him without grumbling.
my kids (8,7,4) can do everything with him, from cleaning hooves and brushing to braids. My daughter often puts him outside on her own because this is possible. he is in a herd with me and that makes him the happiest. Has not yet covered.
stands behind a simple power wire without power and respects it.
he is not very happy with the farrier but allows it.

We have a farm with cows so he grew up with all the noices that belongs to that. Running tractor 60 cm away from him doesn't bother him at all! My husband can drive the tractor in de paddock with him still in it and he is just going to follow the tractor because he want to have a cuddle😂
Also used to cows, dogs, screeming Kids, and many other things.

He is in full grow and o my he is one to keep, i was not planning to sell him at all since he was going to be my breeding stallion. But the situation we are in now (in can tell privat) i have no choice to give him a new for ever home.

I have many more pictures and videos of him if you want to know or see more send a message.

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