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Annonser av Jessica


PDS Delicato svart dressyrsadel 17'

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6 apr

Väldigt mjukt stoppad sadel för en rundare byggd häst som har passat perfekt till häst med väldigt känslig rygg, manke och bogar. Svart sadel 17' med bomvidd MW enligt uppgift Beskrivningar som finns är: Some modern dressage horses have little or no wither and are more barrel shaped. Popular due to their compact shape and powerful movement, these horses need careful saddle fitting consideration. The Delicato is designed exclusively for this type of horse. Close contact with the leg against the horse due to the monoflap design. Specifically designed with minimal rigging under the leg to allow proper position. Concave block design allows the leg to rest securely against it in a comfortable, natural manner without interference to the knee, which encourages a quiet lower leg. With a full panel designed to suit a broader shouldered horse with an uphill build and a straighter, more level back. Patented AMS synthetic wool panels are softer and kinder to the horses back, and combined with the wider channel, encourage the horse to lift and use its back more effectively, while providing the rider with a smoother, shock absorbing ride. Soft, deep seat Suited to broad shouldered, level backed horse Wider channels Uttagen sommar 2020 men sparsamt använd. Delicato är framtagen av PDS i samarbete med Carl Hester; https://www.equestriancollections.com/english-saddles/dressage-saddles/pds-carl-hester-delicato-saddle https://www.bitofbritain.com/carl-hester-delicato-ii-block-9-dressage-saddle-black_pds-490011-black/p https://www.liqusini.se/sadlar/nya-sadlar/dressyrsadel/dressyrsadel-pds-delicato.html Skickas ej för prov. Vid köp bekostas eventuell frakt av köparen.

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