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A small farm near Ourense Northen Spain for sale. The farm is ideal for people who would like to pursuit ecological living, maybe keep horses or other animals and live in a peaceful, clean, green countryside near bigger villages and a town. The house is in good condition and ready to move in. There is also a little, old vineyard to make your own wine if that is of interest. This farm is with many possibilities! House and a building opportunity: The house has 4 bedrooms, living room with a fireplace, fully equipped kitchen with the wood-heated stove, two toilets and walk-in closet, big porch with windows and a covered wooden balcony with a marvelous view to the south and fields. There is a tile flooring in all the rooms and the walls are painted. Living area is about 185m2 and the basement (not heated) is almost as big. Around the house there are couple of patios and unfinished garden pond. The house is from 1800 century and according the previous owner the main house has been renovated around 1950 and again modernized around 2005. House itself faces to the south and has hills to the north, west and east. Next to the house there are ruins of an old house with a separate entrance and a fenced patio. It is possible to rebuilt the house with the living area of about 233m2. Estate There are altogether 5,3 hectares land on the real estate divided into several plots of which the biggest are around and near the house. The garden, a small vineyard (almost 0,4ha) and the fields around the house (in total 1,6 hec.) are fenced with old stonewalls. In the garden I have many kinds of fruit-trees (apple, fig, apricot, cherry, pear and nuts). There is also a vegetable garden with salads, tomatoes, pimientos, cucumbers and potatoes. The vineyard hasn’t been taken care of lately but it has been possible to get wine between 2000 - 3500 lit. per year. The vineyard has been about 5 years without any chemical pesticides and is now ideal for an eco-vineyard. The grapes belongs to small Mencia wine area due to which it has been paid a better price for the grapes if sold. Around the house there is about 1,2 ha land suitable for keeping animals and more than 1,25 ha really close by. I have here two horses, and in one of the plots there is a outdoor riding arena (about 18x35m) which is situated from 300m from the house and shelter for the horses. It would be really easy to keep other animals also (sheep's, goats, pigs, chickens...) Around and next to my farm it might be possible to purchase even more land if needed. In Ourense (30 km) there are famous healing hot springs and spas. Nearest airports is in Santiago de Compostela 120km, Vigo 124km and Porto (Portugal) 250km. The farm is located in Ribeira Sacra area which is very unique. There are plans to apply the area under the Unesco heritage area. This farm could be very suitable for eg. arranging horseback or hiking tours in the serenity of the pristine nature.

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