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19 år gammal, dressyr/fritid ridare från Tyskland (E-A Niveau).

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Annonser av Sieke


19 years old student searches for a new share horse

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14 dec

Hej, My name is Sieke. I am 19 years old, from Germany and 1,75 m tall. I ride for almost 16 years now and lastly rode different privat horses, also an off track thoroughbred and an Arabian-part-breed. I am Dressage rider with all my heart and always willing to develop my riding. Even tough I rarely had the chance to compete, due to the way the equestrian sport runs in Germany and injured knees, but I see competitions not as a requirement. I also enjoy trail rides as well as just being at the stable. I am also definitely done with all the "crazy" things like riding on neck rope, jumping without saddle and so on. My ideal horse would be somehow a teacher for me, helping me to develop my skills and giving me the opportunity to work more seriously on some movements in cooperation with a riding instructor, but also a horse for calm trail rides or just walks. But as I wrote that would be just ideal- in the end I am open to everything and always willing to have a look before I say. With my last share horse I did a lot of Ground work. Riding is more than just riding- it is the bond between horse and rider and for me the most essential part when it comes to working with horses. You can be a very good rider, but if you don’t have a feeling for horses, your skills help you nothing. Calmness is for me an essential trait for working with horses. Because competitions are not my goal, I have no pressure and therefore like to take my time to really grow with the horse. Rushing helps no one and destroys more than it builds. I am also not afraid of stable work, maybe because I learned riding the “old” german way, with a lot of stable work- It is part of riding so they also taught us that too. In Germany I worked as a stable hand and riding instructor for children next to school and really miss the work and the calmness of the stable. You can count on me in every situation and talk with me about everything. I also did a work experience in one of Germanys biggest Haflinger studs as a stable hand with veterinary training. I would be willing to pay up to -;600KR and would be able to come 2-3 times a week. If you think I could suit you and your horse feel free to write me a message. I am looking forward to hearing from you. If you need more information: write me a WhatsApp +49160 4656840 Greetings, Sieke