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21 jan

Jag skriver bättre på engelska, men det går bra att ni svarar mig på svenska 😊 After some troubles with the previous fodervärd, I decided to bring my horse to Sweden after all. Those who messaged me back in August, please feel free to send me a pm if you‘re still interested. 🐴🐴 Looking for a medryttare starting from February. I wish for someone who is trustable, over 18 and with the knowledge and experience in riding and handling horses. Dressage will be the main focus besides working my horses from the ground, such as lunging, long reining or just a casual walk in the woods if you like. Ideally someone who sees him/herself as an advanced rider, meaning you know how to work a horse through its back in the correct frame and contact, with a well balanced seat and soft hands. The horse: DIORA - 10 year old Holsteiner mare. 168cm. Showjumper with a strong work ethic. Well ridden with a forward attitude but always controllable. Super friendly and easy to handle with no mare attitude. Loves to cuddle, hates cows.... 😅 Full-service on your days can be bought. Otherwise it’s the mocking of the box, filling up water, kraftfoder and hay bags that has to be prepared. Stable is located in Kungsängen (ASPVIK) with great training facilities such as 2 outdoor arenas, big indoor arena, horse walker and several fantastic ways to hack out. Dressage trainers come frequently to the yard. Possibility to store your own stuff. Bus stops 10min from the stables. Approx. 45min by public transport from Stockholm City. Looking forward to hearing from you. 😊