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German living in iceland. 😊 Me and my partner breed, train, own and love horses - living in the Noth of Iceland

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Annonser av Elena


DREAMHORSE:amazing gaits, bulletproof 5-y-old stallion

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24 sep

Fífill is the absolute jackpot: amazing gaits, color and a dream character. What ever you ask, he does it. His tölt is endless, with high movement and big strides - no reins needed. It was able to pace him only 2,5 months after starting to train him. He has an amazing walk as well as fast and slow galopp. His trott has great potential but need more strength. His character is a 12 out of 10. We rode him to herdloose horses 4 years old and used him as leadhorse last winter to start training out youngsters. Cars, balloons, planes, storm or ice - he stays cool and extremely sure footed. Moreover he has a high talent for dressage. In this video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/kwkz07zsAGI?feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ I show some exercises which I only practiced with him a few times before and ride him for the first time bareback, without bit. Whatever you are looking for: great breeding horse, future competiton horse (T2, tölt, 4 gaits, 5 GAIT) for adults, teenagers or even kids in the future on a high level - Fífill could be the horse for you. VIDEO FROM JANUARY 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCI8PrvN1zc&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ VIDEO FROM APRIL 2022- LOOSE REINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wafv17r3MBY&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ VIDEO FROM AUGUST 2022 INCLUDING PACE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGVGzu6qiu0&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ PEDIGREE : His father is the highly judged Sírkus frá garðshorni á pelemörk and our 1. Price mare Góla frá Höskuldsstöðum. All his siblings on the mother's side show the certain x factor. (photos on request)

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