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* new videos in IG * Great Schoolmaster for hole family, yet he is a stallion. Kind and literally bombproof. Very sporty, beautiful & yet barock. Don`t mind about helicopters, trampoline or sheeps running under belly, very cool nerves. Loves hacking out a lot. Came to Finland august 2018 and covered last summer a mare out in the pasture as couple, has covered in Spain and is breeding status B. Lives with mares and geldings around and even tolerates a gelding in between his fiancee eating together. He loves to please his people and is a real copy cat. He has been in very light use now and then cause of my own health and mostly in liberty. Likes to be ridden in hackamore. He can spanish walk, piaffe, (piaffe backwards-been teaching for fun in liberty), passage, gallop pirouttes, doma vaquera pirouettes, sliding stops, terre a terre, extended trot, spanish trot, levade.....i think he can even capriole. Has been a young girls schoolmaster in spain before and before that trained by a bullfight trainer. He is almost pure Carthusian. He is silverish shiny white. Came to me true a very trusty horse agent. Would suit perfect as mounted horse archery, WE or just pleasure horse. Have introduced him liberty training and he loves it, can do some funny stuff with that aswell, as about all mentioned above. Due to family situation and moving is the reason i am thinking of selling. Not ridden at the moment more than every now and then hacking out,yet in good shape. Some more videos in IG: Jenni Johanna Väyrynen. Price includes alv.

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