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Grullo Lusitano ridden 165cm

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13 jan

Name: Forcado Age: 12 years Height: 165cm Forcado is an exceptional stallion! He is very impressive and likes to present himself. Also for his food, he puts on a very delightful performance. ( he crosses his front legs and tries to compliment ) Forcado is for people with inner peace and wants to have only one person for themselves. He enjoys massages and cuddling sessions but needs trust work for the bond at the beginning. He gives super good all hooves, can Spanish step, masters all basic gaits as well as diagonals. He goes super nice into the terrain, through the city center if necessary, no problem if you radiate inner peace yourself. He is a friend who goes through thick and thin for you and always wants to please. He is sensitive to the neck, but you can do this quite well through training without much effort. ( He is super easy to handle even with rope around his neck. ) He knows and accepts Stromzaun and is currently standing next to my foals. He is NOT aggressive or wants something bad, no he is always submissive but likes to crowing at other horses. ( Is also not aggressive with other horses but only typically stallion. ) He is loud but very small inside and loves it when you appreciate him, praise him a lot and motivate him. That's exactly the kind of person I'm looking for for him, because I don't have the time and attention he needs. Therefore, only to give to a 1 A suitable home.

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