FOR SALE 6 Years Old Holsteiner, jumping 130cm - 140 cm in DK

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    FOR SALE - 6 Years Old Holsteiner, currently jumping 130cm - 140cm.

    Comme Za is out of a very strong and skilled German Holsteiner jumping horse-bloodline, with the finest jumping bloodline from the great stallions Carlos DZ, Cantus, Lavallo, Pesus XX.

    He has been a finalist in the Danish youngster Championship Finals, both as 4 years and 5 years. I am sure that he has the capacity for 150-160 cm show jumping classes with further training, general development and with the right rider in his saddle. He is always very aware of his jumps and sets off no matter how big or close we come to the fences. All in all, a horse with the right mindset and a large capacity.

    Comma Za is also a very good dressage horse within 3 good gaits - both walk, trot and canter. His level is showed in LA (elementary) and he is close to being ready for the next level with making perfect flying changes etc.

    Comme Za is a horse that loves to learn and work for you as a rider. He is very strong, never sick, has a great courage, and he is in super good shape.

    He is all in all a nice, confident, stable and talented all-round horse, with his heart in the right place. Very comfortable temperament, which makes him very likeable. He is very family with horse shows, traffic and horse trailers.

    He is well trained, has 3 good gaits, a great jumping capacity and is surprising ease of riding, where his 172 cm makes the jumps very easy to overcome.

    He was clean in X-rays as 3-year-old. He enjoys being at the field every day. They stay 2-3 horses together, and enjoying playing together... he really enjoys having fun with the other horses at the field🤩

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information:
    Lise Grønbjerg Uhre Larsen
    Mobile: +45 2229 0055

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