GRAND PRIX PONY: Nano van't laar

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    148 cm
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    Nano Van't Laar
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  • Hoppnivå:
    130 cm

As our daughter has fallen below the age limit, we have unfortunately realized that it is time for our star to move on.

Nano is a truly amazing, easy, sweet and EXTREMELY skilled pony. Nano is the pony that can lead you to the top! He always jumps with a huge surplus, a big force and he himself seeks the jump, he is easy to find at a distance. He is a fresh pony on the track, but quiet and calm in every way. He is a pony that would suit most people.

Nano has ridden classes with placement up to 130 cm with current and previous riders, so quality is top notch. On four months he led his current current rider to 130 cm level. If you want a pony, that can lead you to the top, you need NANO!

Nano is sold only to five star homes with parental support.
Prize: 400.000 DKK - approx. 560.755,71 SEK

For videos and questions call og text: +45 28 25 65 15

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