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    Working Equitation, Dressyr, Barockt, Allround, Akademiskt
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    162 cm
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Requelme makes riders' hearts beat faster. The handsome Portuguese is a beautiful representative of the Iberian breed. With his great colour and the golden shine in the sun he is a real eye-catcher. In character he is also a very sweet one. He is very cuddly and people-oriented, is happy about any contact and attention. In contact as well as under the rider he never has evil in mind.
Requelme is a horse that makes fun. He is currently ridden at M-level. He masters traversals, renverses, gallop changes and the Spanish walk. He is also piaffed and is currently learning the passage. He can also do the compliment. Under the rider he is always striving and motivated. He is also very comfortable to sit and shows great movements for dressage. He also has a good, ground covering walk. Requelme has also been ridden with a snaffle.
Also when riding out into the country he shows himself to be fearless and well-behaved. He knows children, dogs, cars and carriages and is a nervy, reliable horse. He does not show stallion manners despite his mixed attitude.
Requelme has an equine passport without pedigree proof. He has already had a major purchase inspection including x-rays, which can be viewed if there is serious interest.
Location: Spain, transport can be arranged.
Video on WhatsApp: +491729256840

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 Valencia, Valencia, Spanien

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