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Our passion are spanish horses, this is the reason why we are specialized in selling high quality baroque horses, exspecially from the breed s PRE (Pura Raza Espanola), Andalusian and Lusitano. Our Stable is located near Valencia – in the heart of Spain. The iberian horses are known for their proudness, their temperament and their great rideability as well as for the strong body, their excellent movements and their fantastic caracter. This are the main reasons why this fantastic horses are well known all over the world!

If you want to buy a Iberian Horse, Majestic Horses – as one of the biggest sellers of iberian horses in the northern europe area – will help you to find your new partner. We always have around 50 high quality baroquehorse – raw up to Grand Prix level – for sale. We are as well specialized in selling iberian horses with a classical education and excellent movements for the upper levels of the dressage sport.

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27 jan

Bailando MH - probably one of the most famous show horses in Spain - is now looking for a new assignment! Bailando was trained for years by the internationally known show rider & trainer Javier Garcia and has walked together with him hundreds of show performances throughout Spain and Portugal - his probably biggest performance was in 2019 in Madrid - in the 3 largest bullring in the world - in front of nearly 24,000 spectators - followed by the Fallas in Valencia, where he performed in front of about 12,000 people and thrilled them. In addition, you can find him in various videos, newspaper articles, photos, etc. Bailando is a really unique horse, which does not exist a second time in this form. He is always full of enthusiasm and you can see that he enjoys his work. Bailando is - no matter if free in the arena or on the beach (without barrier) really always 100% with his human! He has a sensational character and loves the attention and the closeness to his human! Through his years of training and show experience, he is of course particularly interesting for immediate use in the show & TV industry! Bailando is also independently ridden and runs on good A-level, of course he masters various circus lessons also under saddle. Bailando will only be sold to the very best hands. He comes with a fresh MOT with 15 x-rays. More information only on serious request! Location: Spain - transport can be organized worldwide Video via WhatsApp: +491729256840

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